Saying goodbye to childhood,we step into another important time in the pace of young,facing new situations,dealing with different problems.....

  everyone has his ownunderstanding of young,it is a period of time of beauty and wonders,only after you have

  experienced the sour ,sweet ,bitter and salty can you really become a person of significance.thre time of young is limitted,it may pass by without your attention,and when you discover what has happened ,it is always too late.grasping the young well means a better time is waiting for you in the near future,or the situation may be opposite .

  having a view on these great men in the history of hunmanbeing,they all made full use of their youth time ,to do things that are useful to society,to the whole mankind,and as a cosquence ,they are remembered by later

  generations,admired by everyone.so do something in the time of young,although you may not get achievements as these greatmen did ,though not for the whole word,just for youeself,for those around!

  the young is just like blooming flowers,they are so beautiful when blooming,they make people feel happy,but with time passing by,after they withers ,moet people think they are ugly.and so it is the same with young,we are enthusiastic when we are young,then we may lose our passion when getting older and older.so we must treasure it ,don't let the limitted time pass by ,leaving nothing of significance.









  I enter tile university after years of hard study and preparation. But life in the university is not as satisfactory as what I had expected. I become lazy and don't want to study.I become silcent. I become puzzled. I don't know what I can do in the future. Then I become unhappy.

  Four years in the university is only a short period when compared my whole lifetime. Now it has passed a half. In this year, many people ,such as my parents,my friends, ask me what I want to do and tell me to map out a plan for my life. I don't want to follow their suggestion, and I want to go my style. So I think carefully. I have been a young volunteer(志愿者) for five years.It's very happy and significant. Then I have a dream.I want to join the University Student Volunteers Go West Programe. I think I can be a teacher in the west.I want to try my best to help them and help me. I want to see the world cearly. Now I can't reach its demand and it's very diffcult,but I will work hard in the next two years. There is an old saying"where there is a will,there is a way.(有志者事竟成)"I think my dream can come ture.Now in the university I mature,and in the university I prepare for the real world.

  At last,I want to say to everybody"Hlod fast to your dreams,no matter how big or small they are.The path to dreams may not be smooth and wide,even some sacrifices are needed.But hold on to the end,you can find there is no geater happiness than making your dream come ture."






  Students, guests , teachers and Honorable Judges

  Good morning !

  my great pleasure to share my dream with you today. my dream is to become a teacher....

  As the whole world has its boundaries, limits and freedom coexist in our life. I don’t expect complete freedom, which is impossible. I simply have a dream that supports my life.

  I dream that one day, I could escape from the deep sea of thick schoolbooks and lead my own life. With my favorite fictions, I lie freely on the green grass, smelling the spring, listening to the wind singing, breathing the fresh and cool air and dissolve my soul in nature at last. Simple and short enjoyment can bring me great satisfaction.

  I dream that one day the adults could throw their prejudice of comic and cartoon away. They could keep a lovely heart that can share sorrow and happiness with us while watching cartoon or doing personal things. That’s the real communication of heart to heart.

  I have the belief that my dreams should come true. I am looking forward to some day coming when I am like a proud eagle, which flies to the blue and vast sky.











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