I have a dream Every one has his own dream.When I was a little kid ,my dream was even to have a candy shop of my own .But now ,when I am 16 years old ,standing here ,my dreams have already changed a lot.

  I have got quite different experience from other girls.While they were playing toys at home,while they were dreaming to be the princesses in the story .I was running in the hard rain,jumping in the heavy snow,pitching in the strong wind.Nothing could stop me ,because of a wonderful call from my heart -- to be an athlete.Yeah ,of course ,I'm an athlete,I'm so proud of that all the time .

  When I was 10 years old ,I became a shot-put athlete.The training was really hard ,I couldn't bear the heavy shot in my hands .But I always believe that "god only help those who help themselves".During those hard days,I find I was growing more quickly than others of the same age.To be an athlete is my most correct choice.But,I quit my team after entering high school because of a silly excuse.I really didn't want to stop my sports career anyway.

  Today I say to you my friends that even though I must face the difficulties of yesterday ,today and tomorrow .I still have a dream .It is a dream deeply rooted in my soul.

  I have a dream that one day ,I can run,jump and pitch just like I used to be.

  I have a dream that one day , I can go back to my dream sports and join the national team.

  I have a dream that one day ,I can stand on the highest place at the olympic games.With all the cameras pointing at me.I will tell everyone that I'm so proud to be a Chinese athlete!

  This is my hope .This is the faith that I continue my steps with!!!

  With this faith ,I will live though the strong wind and heavy rain ,never give up !

  So let victory ring from my heart,from all of you.When we allow victory to ring .I must be the one!

  In my imagination,I'm a bird ,a magical bird.I carry my dreams all with me by my big wings. I fly though the mountains ,though the forests ,over the sea,to the sun ,the warmest place in the aerospace!

  Every night ,I have a dream ,I see a girl ---smiling!


  Good evening ,Ladies and Gentlemen:

  Thank you very much for choosing to come in such a cold night.Today my topic is about choice and process.A research shows that a man has to make 73 choices one day.With so many choices one day, people easily get so confused and afraid of making wrong choice that they hesitate and finally miss the true part of life. In my opinion, the following part is of much more importance than the choice. There is no absolute right or wrong choice but wonderful or boring life, which the process makes the difference.

  Life is a box of chocolate,you never know what you will get. Forrest Gump made no decision by and for himself but he accomplished great success with his strong will in the process. The process is not the road itself but the attitudes and feelings ,the caution, courage and persistance we have as we encounter new experience and unexpected obstacles. Take myself as an example, I changed my major when I became a postgraduate. After the choice,days have been harsh for me.I cannot understand the new lessons at all. For they are closely related to mathmatics which I learned nothing about before. However wuth the belief that this is the great chance for me to experience new ideas and challenge myself,I persisted. I asked for help from every channel and reorgonized my life. Gradually I could understand some parts and even found maths interesting.Moreover, I learned to act instead of complaining. In retrospect,the choice left no trace in my mind but the happiness and bitterness of the past four months becomes an unforgetable experience in my life.

  NO matter what the choice is, enjoy the process. In the process, your potential will be inspired and new discoveries,improvement and progress will come to you. These are the most beautiful sceneries and only on the way can you see it.These make your life colorful.

  There is no need and I donnot want to judge whether it right or wrong for me to be here,but I congratulate to myself for I gain and enjoy this fantastic experience. So my dear friends,never worry about your choice and enjoy the process. I am sure you will get something new and intersting tonight after you chose to come here. Thank you!


  I often wonder what friendship is. Friendship is too big a topic to talk about either specifically or generally. I guemost of us are still in a puzzling state about what friendship is, and I myself should be included. Maybe people who define friendship according to his own life experience will say that they have a good concept of friendship, which I think is too narrow to get an objective definition of it. But how hard it would be to talk about friendship without mixing personal feeling in it, especially when it comes to the matter of CLOSEST friend. So here I would like to share my views with you about friendship, about my closest friend. I have had friends since I was born, some of whom have come along with me through my life, and it is impossible to always keep your friends around you since departure is one part of life that everybody must experience. Though some of you may oppose me by exaggerating the connotation of the concept of being together that is friends may not stay together physically but they can stay together always psychologically,

  I still hold that departure is an absolute thing. How could it be possible that your friend (even your closest friend) always keeps you in heart as he/she had, is having and will have different experiences from yours? Somehow different experiences make up of different hearts. Man’s heart is a quite strange thing. Never think that one can wholly touch it. Sometimes our heart is so abstract that you don’t even know how to get to them. If we take heart as a cube, and closest friend a gentle breeze, this breeze can only blow one facet of this cube from one direction and can rarely reach any other sides of your heart. I’m not sure whether I have put it very clearly but believe me that there are no fixed closest friend in your life. With different time, place, space, emotion and situation, you have different closest friends. When I play basketball, I have a closest friend who knows how to cooperate with me and together give our opponents a deadly attack; when I am alone and feel so lonely, I have a friend who can always comfort me by saying that he is my friend; when I am in need of money, the one who comes all the way and lend his money to me without any hesitation is my closest friend;

  when I am proud and a friend dares to stand out to warn me that I should keep modest, he is my closest friend; and, when I read Old Man and the Sea, I think Hemingway is my best friend. You see then, how many closest friends I have. But I must say, though I always want to keep all of them in my heart, they are not actually always in my heart. They have their own friends and their own life. Winston Churchill once said that there’s no perpetual friend, nor perpetual enemy, only perpetual interest. I guehe’s right in some way.Personally I think it is a shame for people who take a pet as his closest friend as this is a sheer insult to human being and an absolute indignity for the word FRIENDSHIP. If a dog is his closest friend, what is human to him? You can imagine how would a person with his ANIMAL closest friend do to PEOPLE. And maybe sometimes a dog can give him mental comfort, but what a dog likes best is just a bone. Friendship is indeed an inborn desire of mankind, and it is relationship between people, not between people and animals. If you seek friendship, please seek it from people, from people around you.Actually I have much more to say but… your criticism welcome!



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